Obsession, Inc.  (2016)

A documentary profiling a tattoo shop and it’s customers which explores the reasons why people get tattoos and how thirty-five percent of people with tattoos claim to be addicted to ink. (Currently filming)

Ready or Not (2016)

Mom gets an unexpected suprise when a game of hide and go seek turns deadly.

ZoSo (2016)

Three friends play with a Ouija board possesed by the malevolent demon named ZoSo.

The 30 Second Art Project (2015)

A web series of unscripted 30 second experimental short films, each shot and edited in a single day. (Season 1 completed – 15 Episodes)

Planchette (2015)

A carefully planned Halloween party takes a dark turn when the guests discover Ouija is more than just a game.

The Last Drop (2014)

The Last Drop is an abbreviated version of Dark Roast which was edited into a condensed version for the web series “Last Minute Twists” and appears in Season 1, Episode 8. 

Dark Roast (2014)

A Reaper seeking love in the mortal realm is disappointed to find that Shaun is just like every other man she’s ever encountered, dead or alive.


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