“Planchette” principal photography complete

planchette-filmingCompeting in the Wicked Film Challenge with only a month for casting, location scouting and everything else that goes into pre-production, and given the pitfalls I encountered it almost looked like this film wasn’t going to happen with the biggest challenge being scheduling cast and crew, but somehow managed to find time that everyone was available.

April 26, 2015 – a single day in which to shoot the 11-page script for Planchette with only 7 days before the next milestone deadline which requires teams to upload a rough-cut of a single scene of at least one minute in length. Most people said it was ambitious; some said it was insane – but we did it!

Thanks to an amazing group of people coming together and giving it their all, we produced something far beyond my own expectations of what I thought was possible in the time we had.

I have a couple of sleepless nights ahead of me sorting through all the footage and notes while trying to pull together a rough cut scene to hit deadline.

As I like to say in situations like this – “Now all that’s left to do is everything!”