New media spot for Obsession Tattoo

Evil Stew Productions is proud to present the first of two 60-second promotional videos created for Obsession Tattoo. In this video, we introduce Jae Lopez  – one of the tattoo artists profiled in the upcoming documentary Obsession, Inc. Music by The Insider – “The Great Break-off” Courtesy of Cheshire Music Filmed and edited by Pete Yagmin

Evil Stew announces “Obsession, Inc.”

Evil Stew Productions is pleased to announce a new documentary project titled Obsession, Inc. which explores the different reasons people choose to get tattooed and how over thirty percent of tattooed Americans claim to be addicted to ink. The annual amount of U.S. spending on tattoos is a whopping $1.6 billion indicating it’s more than just a passing trend, […]

Whispers of Carcosa

Evil Stew announces “Whispers of Carcosa”

Evil Stew Productions is pleased to announce our latest project titled Whispers of Carcosa – a Lovecraftian horror short film based on an original poem by Jeromy Hodge and interpreted by writer-director Pete Yagmin as a story of cosmic horror, a genre popularized by H.P. Lovecraft.  Whispers of Carcosa tells the tale of a traveler who finds himself lost in […]


“Planchette” principal photography complete

Competing in the Wicked Film Challenge with only a month for casting, location scouting and everything else that goes into pre-production, and given the pitfalls I encountered it almost looked like this film wasn’t going to happen with the biggest challenge being scheduling cast and crew, but somehow managed to find time that everyone was available. April 26, 2015 – a single […]