An interview with Pete Yagmin, Director of Whispers of Carcosa

I recently sat down for an interview with Michael Haberfelner of (re)Search my Trash to discuss my upcoming short film, Whispers of Carcosa — in our chat, we get more in-depth about the style and mood of the film, the influences behind the story and what led to the casting current casting decisions.

Excerpt from the interview:

With such as small cast of characters, I really wanted to cast individuals who are as unique and memorable as the characters they are portraying. Sometimes the most obvious choice is right in front of you as was the case with David Graziano. I posted a casting call for The Traveler – seeking an older man with a unique look. I don’t think an hour had passed before David contacted me to express interest and I immediately gave him the part without a second thought.

Cast in part for his unique look, it was his performance as the priest in Ave Maria that coinvinced me this is the face of a man who has witnessed unspeakable horrors. At this point, I can’t even imagine the film without him.

Read the full interview here: An Interview with Pete Yagmin, Director of Whispers of Carcosa